Image of KILL YOU LAST issue 5


In the fifth issue of KILL YOU LAST, the world's premiere action film zine, we have:

A special Sly Stallone section, with Nell Frizzell explaining what ROCKY can teach us about romance and first dates, Dale Lloyd reporting from An Audience With Sylvester Stallone earlier this year in London, and some awesome original COBRA art from Sam Cookson.

A look at a bizarre breakdance/ marital arts hybrid MISMATCHED COUPLES starring Donnie Yen and Yuen Woo Ping.

Why straight to video football hooligan sequel GREEN STREET 3 is worthy of your time (spoiler: Scott Adkins is in it).

An interview with amazing cartoonist Kyle Starks about his brilliant Roadhouse homage SEXCASTLE.

The time James Bond starred in Death Wish and fought ninjas.

Plus lots (some) more things!

You can look at pages from it here:

44 pages, B&W.

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