Image of KILL YOU LAST Issue 2


So, here’s the second issue of KILL YOU LAST, the world’s only action movie fanzine.

This issue has the first part of an in-depth look of the film career of Hulk Hogan, an interview with the director of Rewind This!, a new documentary about the history of VHS, and a play-by-play examination of Bruce Willis’ disastrous appearance on The One Show. There’s also reviews of forgotten VHS-era classics Enemy Territory and Cyborg Cop, mediocre Brue Willis film Striking Distance and The Rock-starring family flick The Gameplan.

Plus Theres another gallery of awesome 80s VHS box art curated by the wonderful @VivaVHS.

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40 pages, A5, b&w.

(FYI, The first orders should be send out eek beginning 22 April. I'm shipping from the UK, so if you're in a different country, please bare in mind it'll take longer to get to you. Cheers.)

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